Ever dream of building a regenerative farm and living a more sustainable life? We get it! That’s exactly why we started Greenspaces Blog.

We’re Micky and Harry, and we’re on a journey to grow a greener future, one veggie patch (and puppy cuddle!) at a time.

Micky: While my background is in business and canine therapy, around here I am the girl with a passion for eco-friendly living, I’m all about finding practical ways to reduce waste, save resources, and whip up delicious meals that are kind to the planet.

Harry: As our resident plant guru with a love for permaculture and farming, I’m the one with the dirt under my nails (and the knowledge to help yours thrive!). But don’t worry, I believe sustainable living should be accessible to everyone, so I’ll keep things simple and easy to follow.

We’re real people sharing our experiences, mistakes, and triumphs as we navigate this exciting world of green living. Whether you have a seasoned “green thumb” or just starting your journey, we invite you to join us! Let’s learn, grow, share tips, and make a positive impact together.

Ready to dive in? Explore our blog for sustainable hacks, gardening guides, and delicious recipes. We can’t wait to see you around!


Micky & Harry